About Us

Gallowhill Forestry was founded by Lorne Campbell to draw on his 37 years experience in forestry management, forest surveying, tariffing and training.

He specialises in Geographic Information System (GIS) and its application to modern forestry. Throughout his extensive career, Lorne worked closely with market-leaders Esri to develop bespoke ArcGIS software for the UK’s Forestry Commission and contributed greatly from design and testing through to deployment and training.

He has UK wide experience of coniferous and broadleaved woodlands, from northern Scotland to southern England and is a graduate of Aberdeen University.

Our Services


- ArcGIS
- Safety
- Tariffing (full and abbreviated)
- Forest Management


- Species/Yclass recording
- Tariffing
- Stocking Density Assessments

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Based in Moffat, Dumfriesshire we are ideally placed for any project in Scotland and the wider UK.

Feel free to get in touch using the form or using any of the methods below.

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